How do you feel about the ‘music game’ return?


It’s been a long time coming, but this year music games finally make their return. We have the new Guitar Hero and Rockband releasing on the new-gen consoles in just a few months and I thought I would ask you all how you feel about this?

For me, I remember distinctly getting Guitar Hero 2 as my first plastic instrument game, and I was almost instantly addicted. I had hand cramps like never before (*whistles). I even started seeing the taps move up and down in the shower after a long session (*whistles). I remember starting on easy and struggling, wondering how on earth I was going to progress to harder difficulties. Soon I was playing on medium and then hard (*whistles?) and then onto expert (sometimes) and wondering how I ever played on easy.


Then I got the drums, another guitar, a microphone and eventually a keyboard (borrowed from a friend) and the same process. I played every day and absolutely loved it. Then more Guitar Hero games released, and Rockband eventually came to the country. I have Rockband 1,2, 3 and the Beatles and LEGO versions, plus Guitar Hero 2, 3, World Tour and whatever came after. It all got a bit much.

It was a pity because Rockband 3 was easily the best of the lot. It had an amazing tracklist but also a brilliant interface which made it the greatest by far. The sad part was that, at the time of its release, people were just sick of the genre. It was understandable because of how many games released in that time, and of course all the extra DLC.

The music genre slowly died away and both companies announced they would not be making anymore games. Fast track to 2015 and we have their return. Both franchises are making a comeback at the same time and I don’t think I could be any more excited. I have missed these games so much, and apart from the thought of having to buy new instruments, I don’t think anything can hinder that excitement.


Both games should be of a high quality with more of the same kind of gameplay, but new instruments, interfaces and challenges and of course what looks to be an amazing soundtrack on both sides.

I have no doubt that eventually I will get both games, and play the hell out of them, but if I have to get one first it will probably be Rockband because of my previous experience with it. That said, Guitar Hero is looking amazing.

Either way, I cannot wait to play on my little plastic instruments (*whistles) again. But which are you most looking forward to, if any? Feel free to share your experiences and opinions below!

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