Video: The new WRC 5 trailer gets dirty


Not so long ago we showcased a developer diary that explains where the team plans to take the franchise next, but now there’s an announcement trailer that shows off everything the game has to offer. It’s another one of those titles that’ll be launching on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita, so don’t expect the detail to be too high and in line with current generation specs on other racers.

You’ll be glad to see that it’ll feature various terrains, including rainy weather, but there’s no night racing in sight. Here’s what the developers had to say:

[quote]With these new trailer & screenshots, we want to show different locations and challenges that are waiting for players” says Alain Jarniou, WRC 5 Game Director. “From the frozen roads and snow banks of Sweden, to the narrow and sandy lines of Sardinia, or even the fast technical sections of Finland, we really want to put players into real drivers’ gloves. That’s why we worked hard to recreate the special atmosphere at each of the 13 rallies that makes the WRC so diverse” declares Alain Jarniou.[/quote]

It’s expect in Spring 2015 this year.

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