Xbox One to get keyboard and mouse support?


It’s been on the cards since the Dreamcast featured keyboard and mouse support back in the late 90’s. Why one earth there’s been no keyboard and mouse support for consoles, for those who prefer it, is still as bizarre as the concept of the Kinect being a better alternative. Well, Phil Spencer took to Twitter last night to answer a bunch of questions in regards to Gamescom, but this is the one that stood out from the lot:

Take a stab at the Xbox One as much as you’d like, their E3 show this year was positive and their emphasis was mainly focused on 2015 with Gears of War HD, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5 Guardians and more making a show at the event. Phil Spencer continued on his Twitter rampage saying that there’ll be even more to get excited about at Gamescom that takes place in a few weeks time.

And he pointed at a surprise in the making:

He also confirmed that both Gears of War HD and ReCore will not be showing at Gamescom.

Now that Gamescom only has Xbox showcasing exclusively (in terms of a press conference for a manufacturer) it’s a great time to pull out all the big guns. Now we wait.

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