See A Bit More In The New Trailer For Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

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There’s no denying my love for any game/ movie/ book that sees the end of mankind, so when I first heard about Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, I got excited, and I got excited really quickly. Now, the game will be out in less than 10 days. To help build some hype around the game, Sony just released a new trailer for it. It provides a bit more insight to some of the characters that are involved and it sounds rather mysterious – who doesn’t like a good mystery?

I’m not fully sold on the idea of what some people are calling a “walking simulator,” as I do also wonder where do we draw the line about a game being a game, or just a movie where you control the character. Despite many reservations about Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, they both still felt like games, so I’m really keen to play this game when it launches on the PS4 on 11 August.

It looks like it has an intense story, but what took my breath away were the visuals. It’s very clean and the lighting is impressive. What do you think? Is Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture your cup or tea, or will you most likely skip it? (Or wait for it to come out of PS+ like a lot people are assuming will happen?)

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