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At E3 EA had an extremely strong line-up of games, so strong that we awarded it the best publisher at the show. Today it’s their turn to wow the crowds and Gamescom and, though it was generally more news on games we’re already aware of, it drove home just how strong their line-up is looking this year and in 2016.

Need for Speed

The franchise that’s been milked for all it’s been worth has now finally gone back to its undergound roots. We had some time with the game at E3 and it’s definitely what fans will be after, but now it’s become news that there will be 5 icons from the racing world making it into the game. These icons include Gymkhana racer Ken Block, Porsche enthusiast Magnus Walker, the Risky Devil street team, builder Nakai-san, and Morohoshi, a member of the Yakuza. They’ve cleverly combined both in-game and film footage to create a unique presentation of the world in Need for Speed, Ventura Bay.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The First Person Platformer is about to return next year. In fact, we now have an exact date as to when you’ll get to play as Faith again – 25 February 2016. It might feel a long way off, but before you know it you’ll be playing to footage that you’re shown below. Our hands-on time with it at E3 has pushed this to the top of our must-have list.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars Battlefront (which you can view below) might be all that’s on the mouths of all Star Wars fans, but EA took the time to show off the upcoming Outlander in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire.

The Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack

You either ‘get’ The Sims or you don’t. For those who loves everything surrounding this very successful franchise, and who owns The Sims 4, there’s a Get Together Expansion Pack on its way to you in the near future. Time to PARTY!

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Before you get to despondent and think that it’s just a rehash of the original – EA dropped important news about this game today. Something that might make it a game-changer for some gamers. There will now be a Solo and Couch Co-op mode included in the game. The online-only curse is starting to make way for oldschool gaming. The way we like it. Oh, the Mass Effect franchise is also getting in on the act. Expect to hear more of Grass Effect Mech 27. No, really.


What’s more to say about Unravel that’s not yet been said? It’s arguably the game that’s stolen the hearts of all gamers around the world and there’s not a person we’ve met who’s not got a soft spot for Yarny. Below you’ll see a live demonstration and fall in love with the little fella all over again.

Star Wars Battlefront

Unquestionably one of the games that’s pushing the boundaries of what hardware is currently capable of doing in a graphical capacity. It’s beautiful. At Gamescom they announced a 20-player Fighter Squadron mode which will have you dogfight it out with 19 other players. Your Star Wars dreams will come true 19 November.


The last game to make a showing, surprise, surprise, was the most successful franchise in the world – FIFA 16. There was a focus on training your squad in career mode, Ultimate Team Draft Mode. FIFA Ultimate Overlays, a reminder of the 12 national womans teams, Career Mode Pre-season and new celebrations. Somehow, who knows how, they plan to improve on the recipe and it seems they’ll do just that.

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