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What will you choose?

With the weekend looming and with it being a long weekend, thanks to the public holiday on the 10th of August (National’s Women’s Day-9th August), my BIG question is, “What to play over the weekend?”.

I often wonder how every gamer selects their gaming schedules for their weekend. Time seems to be an ever dismaying factor for a lot of gamers these days and with me being such a huge RPG fan the problem never ends.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Generally I find that games that are released on a Friday, ahead of a weekend, receives the preferential treatment (for obvious reasons), but what if there aren’t any new titles being released? Do you go back to your favourite genre or perhaps even have a specific game that, no matter what other titles come out, you always find yourself reverting back to it.

Special gaming events like tournaments usually is the deciding factor for some video gamers, others usually have a clan and just stick to one series/title. THEN you get the never-ending joy of load shedding, which means if you’re not into mobile gaming or don’t own a handheld console then you’re best option would be sleeping or making a trip to the nearest friend, provided that they do not stay within the same affected area of course.

Halo 4 PvP

I’ve recently watched the movie Pixels, which brought upon a ton of nostalgia of 80’s video games, that in a turn of events have decided my video gaming schedule for this weekend. Although recently purchased, titles which have increased my backlog seem to be taking preference over everything else and with the latest update on Splatoon and the Splatfest happening this weekend, it’s what I’ll be turning to.

Ratchet & Clank Future 

Either way deciding what to play for the weekend has becom an ever growing problem. With mounting backlogs becoming an issue for more and more gamers (yes, the first-world problem is real) it leaves me in most cases wasting time on deciding what to play rather than actually playing those games.

What are your methods and thoughts on deciding what to play and what will you be playing over this long weekend?

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