Have your gaming preferences changed over time?


Gamers are a special bunch, we have such various tastes in what we play, whether it be something with a good story, good gameplay, fun multiplayer or a combination of all the ingredients to make the ULTIMATE GAME! But how have your preferences changed over time, or perhaps they haven’t?

If I think about myself, a lot of my preferences have remained the same. I still, obviously, love sport games and that is something that will never change. I love story-based games with excellent character progression… something that hasn’t and is unlikely to change, and lastly I am still a lover of 2D platformers. Can’t get enough of those.

Other preferences have changed though. For example I used to love horror survival games. They were often the best stories and had excellent characters. Games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill were amazing. Now? Now I can’t play those games. It freaks me out. At the same time I used to find RPG’s to be a bit boring and overwhelming so I wouldn’t play them. Then I got into them and loved them, and now I am kind of off them again. I just don’t have the patience.


Another interesting preference change is when it comes to First Person Shooters. I used to absolutely hate them (excepting Halo for some reason). The view felt limiting to me and I was terrible at the PvP stuff. Now I quite like my FPS games, especially CoD and still Halo. I am admittedly still terrible at the PvP stuff though, but I enjoy it more than I used to.

Fighters are another genre which have moved in and out of my preference box. I played the hell out of Tekken 3 back in the day, but now I can hardly look at a 3D fighter. I was always more into 2D fighters and that is still the case, though even those I don’t play ‘that’ much. Probably because of time constraints I guess.


The last genre that is worth a mention is car racing games. Now I have never LOVED cars, I know little about them in general, but I loved the old Ridge Racer games, Gran Turismo, PGR and especially the old Need for Speed games. These days I pretty much stay away from racing games. I have played a bit of, and enjoyed, Forza Horison 2 and I enjoyed Need for Speed Most Wanted, but that’s about it in recent times. That said, if they bring back Colin McRae Rally I will play that (I think there might be a new version with Loeb’s name coming out).

Well those are just some of my preference changes. What are yours?

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