Man attempts to steal PS4 by hiding it… in his pants


People will go through the most bizarre measures in trying to secure something they really want, but can’t afford. It’s not only us mere mortal plebs who buckle under the pressure. Celebs have been caught red handed when it comes to shoplifting. So what stops a guy from stealing a PS4 by hiding it in his pants?

Christopher Caldwell, a 36 year old from Florida in the United States, decided that he’d try just that by entering a retail store and hiding the PS4 (box and all) in his pants. He was wearing one of those ‘Hammer’ pants, made famous by MC Hammer back in the early 90’s. While at it he decided that there was enough space to add some accessories into the mix and calmly walked out the store. A guard, who was watching the whole thing (I mean, who can miss a guy sticking a massive PS4 box in HIS PANTS?) stopped him and was arrested.

He’s now being charged for felony grand theft. It’s quite hard to believe that this is a ‘genuine’ story, but there’s been a person who tried to steal a chainsaw in his pants too (with footage to prove just how moronic some people are). I’d say that’s a little riskier…

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