The Not-So-Quiet MGSV: The Phantom Pain Save Corrupting Bug

metal gear solid

Everyone who decided to jump on the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain bandwagon is wagging their tails and flapping their mouths over it. Why? It’s pretty good. It’s better than good, it’s great. I’ve personally noticed a few things that bug me about it, but this post isn’t about that, it’s about letting you know about a certain save file corrupting bug. (Obvious not-so-spoiler in this sentence) It turns out that taking Quiet with you on mission 29 or mission 42 may somehow corrupt your save file.

No one knows why, but the developers are looking into it and working on a fix. The temporary solution is to simply use another buddy for those two missions. It’s a good thing this came up now while it’s still in the early days as getting to mission 29 takes hours (I’ve played 30 hours and I’m only on mission 21), and to lose your save file would be extremely annoying.

This particular problem is present in all versions of the game, so there’s no free pass for anyone. Until a patch comes out, please take note of those two missions.

Source: Konami-Europe

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