Challenge Vault: Rainbow Six: Siege

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So many of you would have tried your hand at the Rainbow Six: Siege Beta by now as its been out a good few days already. If you haven’t there are still beta codes floating around so try get your hands on one because the game is a ton of fun. For this episode of Challenge Vault I booted up the Terrorist Hunt mode and set it to Lone Wolf, so basically it’s me against a building full of terrorists – a fare fight I think don’t you?

Now before you try and beat my challenge and claim your place on our wall of fame you must know the rules. You obviously have to clear out the location on Lone Wolf mode. You can use any weapon load out you want however you are not allowed to use any recon tools of any kind – no cameras. Also the difficulty has to be set to normal – I tried Realistic but I almost lost my mind. Good luck guys, lets see if you can take on the challenge.

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