Rumour: Sony to discontinue PS3 soon?


Believe it or not, but next year the PS3 would have been around for 10 years now, which means it would have reached the 10-year goal that was originally set out by the father of the PlayStation – Ken Kutaragi. According to a report there’s a New Zealand retailer (Mighty Ape Games) who announced that the PS3 will be discontinued in their country.

The post that originally went up on Facebook has since been removed which points to the fact that they might have slipped the news by mistake. Keep in mind that retailers generally receive information before media does, because we’ll always spill the beans instead of keeping it a secret.

At this point it’s one big fat rumour and should not be taken too seriously, but ultimately it would inevitably happen anyway. Though you have to admit that the great sales of the PS4 is making that decision quite easy for Sony. We’d rather wait for Sony to officially announce it, but don’t be surprised when you completely run out of new games on the PS3 in 2016.

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