Divinity: Original Sin gets a whole lot better on October 27th


Last year my best RPG was Divinity: Original Sin. It is a deep, well-written adventure that brought some great moments from CRPGs of the past back to life. Now it is about to get a whole lot better.

For those who dislike reading, and Divinity: Original Sin required you to follow a lot of words and sentences and even whole paragraphs at a time, the game is now fully-voiced, including some AAA voice talent. The enhanced edition will also add the new interface and control scheme that will be used in the console version, as well as new character builds, hours of quests and improved visuals.

Your save game won’t be transferrable between the enhanced edition and the vanilla version but hey, this sounds like a great excuse to play an amazing game just once more.

The enhanced edition will be available on October 27, so keep an eye for a new entry in your Steam library.

Source: PC Gamer

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