Lynda Carter Wrote 5 Songs For Fallout 4

lynda carter

Bethsda recently announced via its blog, Bethblog, that the legendary Lynda Carter wrote and performed five new songs specifically for Fallout 4. Lynda Carter, who famously portrayed Wonder Woman in the 1970s, also has a role in the game. She plays Magnolia, a singer in the city of Goodneighbour.

One of the songs is about Goodneighbour and can be heard over on Bethblog. The five songs will played on the new radio station Diamond City Radio. It won’t be all that’s played as Bethesda says Fallout 4 contains three times the amount of songs that were found in Fallout 3.

I’m quite fond of the old school music present in the Fallout games, but I’m excited to hear the original songs. Even better news is that the game releases in exactly one week from now. Are you getting it?

Source: Bethblog

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