You can buy the standalone Darth Vader Edition Dualshock 4 come 20 November


What’s the worst thing about being an early adopter of a console? You get to miss out on all the amazing limited edition bundles that launch later on in that generation. One such bundle in particular is the upcoming Darth Vader PS4 Limited Edition console that comes packaged with a sleek PS4 console, with the dark one himself printed on it, as well as quite a cool controller. Well, this controller can be yours on 20 November as it’ll be sold as a standalone controller.

The PlayStation UK Twitter account confirmed it earlier this week (ignore the 19 November date, that excludes SA) and you can pre-order it on RARU right now if you’re in the market for a new controller, and you happen to be a Star Wars fan:

Let’s hope that the game lives up to expectations. At the very least you’ll end up with some really good-looking hardware.

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