Life is Strange Limited Edition announced for January 2016


Have you been brave enough to hold out for all the episodes, before visiting the world in Life is Strange, and still have not got around to buying it? You’re in luck as it’s now official that a Limited Edition of Life is Strange is heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With it you’ll get a 32-page art book, Director’s Commentary, Licensed Soundtrack and of course a physical copy of the game.

So why has it gone to retail? The requests for a physical copy was so high that they decided to oblige. Scott Blows, Global Community manager for Life is Strange, said the following:

[quote]We’ve seen a lot of requests from the community for a physical release and we wanted to create a package fit for Life is Strange fans. For those who haven’t played or are waiting to play, this would be a great time to dive into the series (plus you won’t have to wait in between episodes). [/quote]

Here is the breakdown of the entire track list that’s included:

  • 1. Syd Matters – ‘To All Of You’
  • 2. Jose Gonzales – ‘Crosses’
  • 3. Angus & Julia Stone – ‘Santa Monica Dream’
  • 4. Sparklehorse – ‘Piano Fire’
  • 5. Alt J – ‘Something Good’
  • 6. Local Natives – ‘Mt. Washington’
  • 7. Bright Eye ‘Lua’
  • 8. Mogwai – ‘Kids Will Be Skeletons’
  • 9. Amanda Palmer – ‘In My Mind’ (feat. Brian Viglione)
  • 10. Message To Bears ‘Mountains’
  • 11. Breton – ‘Got Well Soon’
  • 12. Mud Flow – ‘The Sense of Me’
  • 13. Foals – ‘Spanish Sahara’
  • 14. Syd Matters – ‘Obstacles’

Original Score by Jonathan Morali

  • 15. Jonathan Morali ‘Golden Hour’
  • 16. Jonathan Morali ‘The Storm’
  • 17. Jonathan Morali ‘Blackwell Academy’
  • 18. Jonathan Morali ‘Kate’
  • 19. Jonathan Morali ‘Timeless’
  • 20. Jonathan Morali ‘Timelines’
  • 21. Jonathan Morali ‘Night Walk’

Life is Strange will be available at retail stores on 22 January 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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