Some Star Fox Zero gameplay for your Monday

Star Fox

Despite Dawid trying to convince me that Star Fox Zero looks terrible (he might be right, but a bit of ignorance helps right?) I am still pretty excited for the game which is now releasing early next year. It has Platinum Games involved and that is usually a good thing. I can only think that the delay was for the best, maybe they realised it was not up to scratch and they decided to give it a bit more love.

Time will tell for that, but in the meantime we at least have a bit more gameplay footage showing just where the game is at the moment. The video below shows just a little bit more of the spaceship missions and a bit of tank gameplay. The ship stuff looks awesome to me, and I can see how the Platinum Games ‘engine’ plays in that space. Hopefully my dreams of a great Star Fox game are not dashed. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts:

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