New premium shows available for Guitar Hero Live right now

Guitar Hero Live

Own Guitar Hero Live? You’ll then be well aware that Guitar Hero TV is the real rockstar out of the various modes. It might eat away your bandwidth by streaming the HD video footage, but that’s where the really good songs can be found. Activision promised that there would be several updates and songs added to the game and there are now three new premium shows that’s available to play.

Keep on Swinging, Pressure and Time, and Electric Man live performances from Southern Californian rock band Rival Sons is not available for you to go check out.

Futhermore these additiontal music videos have been added to the game:

Lords of Metal:
System of a Down – Toxicity
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall

Pop Punk Perfection:
Sum 41 – Fatlip
Four Year Strong – Just Drive
Tonight Alive – Lonely Girl

As per the press release:

Today, Activision is once again delivering on that promise with another set of live, playable music experiences featuring performances by Rival Sons.

Rival Sons, a rising rock band from Southern California, is currently slated to support Black Sabbath’s world tour in 2016. They kicked off the official Guitar Hero Live US launch party on 20 th October at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles. This marks the first in a unique series of live performances that Activision will introduce to GHTV, supporting the platform as a continuously updated vehicle for music discovery. The band opened the event with three tracks, which are now playable in GHTV. The tracks are:

Keep On Swinging (Live)
Pressure and Time (Live)
Electric Man (Live)


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