Burning Question: Are you dealing with too many games at once?


This one might not be a burning question for everyone, but it is a serious issue in my life. Imagine you sit down to relax, you have the next five hours free. Time for some games. But… which game… do I finish that title that I was told gets better after the beginning I didn’t enjoy? Do I restart a game I love, because we need that happy place? Or do I check who is online and play some multiplayer?

So I sit down to play some PS4, and get a message that there is a group playing whatever on PC, and they want me to join. But I just got comfortable with playing this other game I have on my console. That is just one of the situations, mind, as I don’t want someone to just pop in and tell me it is about FOMO. Its… more than that. I have this realisation that I have limited gaming time before I expire, so I should fit as many amazing moments in before I can no longer play games, for whatever reason.


Sure this comes down to anxiety and paranoia and a deep-seated fear of losing my hands to accident or Parkinson’s (family history is high) or arthritis. Having review games helps that: I have to put off feelings of wanting to do things and the like and concentrate on the review title. Also brand new games that enthrall tend to trap me so tight that I don’t have that feeling of “is this what I should be playing now?”

But when reviews are over and I just want some time to relax and enjoy my hobby, that feeling strikes. Should I really be playing this? I mean, am I enjoying it 100% right now? Would my energy be rewarded better elsewhere, could something else provide me with the escape I am longing for? These questions circle around my head, becoming a weight that pulls me down. Eventually my jaw locks and I realise I have been clenching my teeth so hard that they are sore. Watching the time you found to yourself to relax become something that stresses you out slowly kills a part of me, and a lot of it comes from just having too many games to play, too many titles unfinished or perhaps not completed enough. Then to make it worse, like a fool I buy more. Because NEW GAMES MAN.

Of course the world as we know it could end tomorrow, with an event like in Fallout 4 or Mad Max, making all those video games become lifeless pieces of plastic with very little purpose in the struggle for survival. Then all my worrying will be for nothing. But how do I choose what to do before that happens?

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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