These are your PlayStation VR multiplayer configurations


Yes, more VR news. It’s just that this time we’re getting a glimpse into the various methods you’ll be able to play the VR games via PlayStation VR. Sony stated some time ago that there’ll be multiplayer integration in their games, so that VR players and those without headsets can still enjoy the VR games together. Obviously the 3 other players will use the television to play against the person using VR head-mounted display, though you’ll also be able to use the second screen via the Vita.

Now, the PS4 can track 4 devices simultaneously. This means you’ll be able to use up to four Dualshock 4 controllers because of the light bar. Note that the VT headset does not count as an additional device. Should you use a move controller it counts as one additional device. Look at the above image and you’ll notice that as soon as the player using the VR headset makes use of the PlayStation Move your maximum number of players ends up being two, including said VR user. Use 4 Dualshock controllers and up to 4 players can enjoy the game. There’ll also be other configurations via an online network that’ll include several VR headsets for multiplayer VR games.

SCE’s Technical Account Manager, Vernon Harmon, recently showed this off at a ‘Embrace Virtual Reality with PlayStation VR‘ talk at the International Game Summit. Here’s what he had to say:

[quote]As you can see from this sampling there are a lot of different combinations of tracked controllers that can give you a number of different multiplayer configurations. And this isn’t even taking to account that you can have a second screen controlled experience on a mobile device that’s used as additional control inputs. And also this is only local control configurations; you could have networked situations that introduce more combinations with other VR headsets and controllers.[/quote]

You can watch the entire presentation below:

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