What changes would you like to see in Destiny next?


Destiny‘s popularity is unquestionable. Those stats last month indicate that there are an average of 75million hours spent on Destiny globally every single day. Yes, every single day. There will always be those that hate it, and those people are more than entitled to their opinion. This question, though, is for those that play it regularly. What would you like to see head to the world of Destiny over the next year?

I think it’s fair to say that the vanilla Destiny was great fun but lacked real end game material and substance. That came in the year 2 update in abundance with more ways to get goodies, better weapons and just overall greater functionality across the board.

The first two expansions were not that amazing, adding some content and basically just more missions than anything else. Though they did have enjoyable sections and provided reasons to head back into Destiny, they felt more like basic add-ons than they did full expansions.

The Taken King on the other hand was exactly what we all hoped for. An expansion answering some of the questions we had, implementing some brilliant level design, excellent voice acting, changes in objectives as opposed to the much used “horde mode” style. It added some interesting characters, a beautiful while dark environment and of course a whole lot more.

So what else can head the way of Guardians over the next year? Obviously we would all hope for more Taken King style expansions that really do elaborate on the world. New raids, strikes and PvP stuff is a given. But how could they improve on the formulas in these? Maybe you have some ideas.

Personally, I’d like them to focus a bit more on the ship based stuff. Maybe added modes and functionalities revolving around the Sparrows for example? Or what about using your ghost as an extra tool to survey areas manually? Maybe a Star Fox style section where you are flying in your ship, battling others? That would be pretty epic with a couple of friends I’d think.

Apart from new sections like that I would really like a more accessible glossary. I still find it confusing when it comes to working out how you get certain materials. Lastly I would just love more interaction with Cayde, he seems like such a great character and I’d want to know much more about him.

Those are just some of my basic ideas, but I am sure the actual changes will be a lot more impactful when they do take place. What changes, DLC, expansions would you like to see? Feel free to share below.

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