SA Gamer Awards 2015: Best Multiplayer


It can be argued that one can test a games longevity through its multiplayer modes. Sure, not all games have an online multiplayer focus and more often than not there are more flaws and patches involved than actual gameplay. Keeping this in mind it’s a pleasure when a game actually gets it right. The title that took everyone by surprise in the multiplayer domain for 2015 was none other than…



From the puddles a new hero arrives. A new concept. A new IP. A new experience. Splatoon went up against more traditional multiplayer titles and came out on top, not something you’d expect from a Nintendo title, especially when it comes to online.

Splatoon has charm, a unique mechanic, a great lobby system that loads in the blink of an eye but most importantly, it’s fun. Ridiculously so. In an age that is infamous for paid DLC Splatoon broke the trend by offering free updates, which included both additional levels as well as weapons, items and regular events. These free updates are ongoing as is the games popularity online. Not bad for the new squid on the block.

Runner-up: Heroes of the Storm
Honourable Mentions: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Rocket League, Halo 5: Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, Mortal Kombat X, Rainbow Six Siege, Projects CARS, PES 2016, Monster Hunter 4

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