New VR trailer from HTC and Valve possibly hints at Portal 3

Portal 3

2016 is the year of Virtual Reality. The pre orders for the Oculus Rift will begin today but as we know, it won’t be your only choice in VR headsets, with the main competitors being PlayStation VR (formerly Project Morpheus) and the HTC Vive. In an effort to promote the Vive Pre, HTC and Valve’s second generation of dev kit for virtual reality, a new trailer has been released and interestingly, the last few seconds of the trailer could hint at the possibility of a third entry in the Portal series.

The bulk of the trailer shows the sort of stuff we’ve seen quite a bit of in the last year, with people being immersed in a number of various scenarios from samurai to astronaut, and as gorgeous as it looks, it’s the last few seconds that I think will draw in the most attention. If you skip ahead to around the 0:53 mark, you’ll see a woman in an orange jumpsuit folded down to her waist, a fashion choice previously sported by Chell, the protagonist of the Portal games, who proceeds to distort the walls to her sides before blasting through the one in front of her.

It’s not Half-Life 3, but I think that it’s safe to say that Portal is Valve’s second most popular game and fans of the first two have been clamouring for a third for the last 4 years. Could this be the first signs from HTC and Vive that we’ll finally get it, or do you think this is a bit of a stretch?

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