Games of 2016 – Multi-Platform (Part One)


So far this week we have had a look at the respective gaming releases on the Xbox One, Nintendo’s consoles and Sony’s consoles. I think it’s fair to say that there are a LOT of games coming out this year which is well worth our attention. In recent years, the third party multiplatform offering has been more impressive than ever and 2016 is going to be no different. Below are the multiplatform games scheduled for 2016 so far. Again, expect some delays for sure, but there’s more than enough to keep everyone busy.

Sport Titles (Everything)

I will just start off with the most important titles there are, and those are the sport games. FIFA, PES, NBA 2K17, NHL, Madden, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Formula 1, Rally games, Olympics and a whole lot more will be coming to our consoles. For the sport enthusiast there is nothing better than the annual line-up and with most of the sport games being very strong last year there can only be good things coming in the new games.

AC Chronicles (PC, Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita – 12 January and 9 February 2016)

It’s not your usual Assassin’s Creed type game, but rather a throwback to the old 2.5D platformer that was used in the remake of Prince of Persia Classic. The first in the series released last year to much delight (surprise?). This year will see two more entries into the series and if it’s as good as the first then it will definitely make up for the lack of the AC annual release.

The Banner Saga (Xbox One and PS4 – 12 January 2016)

The tactical role-playing game has been an absolute hit since it released back in 2014. The game is now finally making the jump to console meaning you can play it on just about any platform in existence. A good thing too, it’s meant to be pretty damn good.

Resident Evil Zero (Xbox One and PS4 – January 2016)

Resident Evil Zero is a remaster of a remake of a remake remade to be remastered… okay not really, but the game is being released again, now for the current-gen of consoles just in case you missed any of the previous versions. Haters of remastered games must love this one.

LEGO Marvel Avengers (Everything – 29 January 2016)

Yet another LEGO game heading to every single platform available. The LEGO games are truly fantastic and no matter how many times you think the formula will get old it just doesn’t. Quirky humour, great characters and some fun puzzles make the LEGO games a genre of their own. Can’t wait for this one!

Sebastien Loeb Rally (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 29 January 2016)

Developers Milestone, who have worked on the WRC games for the last few years are trying a new approach with Sebastien Loeb Rally. There’s some serious hope that it will be a lot better than the mediocre WRC games from the past years and with the extra license there is every chance. It might not be Colin McRae but hopefully it brings back the magic of the older games.

This War of Mine (Xbox One and PS4 – 29 January 2016)

This War of Mine is another old PC game from 2014 making its way to the current-gen consoles. It’s a survival based strategy game that will have you playing for hours on end as you try to save all the characters possible. I believe it’s brutal which should make some of you masochists happy.

Mighty No. 9 (Everything – 12 February 2016)

The spiritual successor to Megaman has seen a few delays recently but there is still lots of hope that it will be as good as our nostalgia reminds us of. It’s 2D platforming at (hopefully) it’s very best with some tough levels and even tougher boss battles. This one came through the Kickstarter funding method and hopefully ends up proving worthwhile.

Unravel (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 9 February 2016)

I could throw praise at Unravel for ages. Easily one of my most anticipated games for the year 2016. Little Yarny won the hearts of everyone at E3 last year and for good reason. It’s a 2D platformer that not only looks stunning, but plays stunning too. They practically had to kick me out of the playing area when I had a go of it. A must buy for me. The price should be right too.

Plants vs Zombies 2 (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 23 February 2016)

I actually just want this one to release already so that I don’t have to see anymore campaigning for it. EA really blasted us with footage of the game at E3 and then Gamescom. Simple as this, if you enjoyed the first, you will enjoy this one. It’s a light hearted shooter featuring the characters from the popular tower defence game.

Far Cry Primal (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 23 February 2016)

They may have removed multiplayer from Far Cry Primal but this one has dinosaurs. Nuff said?

The Walking Dead: Michonne (Everything – February 2016)

The Telltale episodic games have really added a new dimension to the gaming industry with their modernised point and click ideas. The Walking Dead was the game that really got them going so it’s no surprise to see them building on that universe. Michonne is a 3 part series that will focus on… you guessed it Michonne. Should be a goodie.

The Division (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 8 March 2016)

The Division is another that has seen many delays, but 2 years after it’s reveal it looks like it will finally be released. It’s technically a third-person MMO with a fantastic looking setting. Question is though, will it be able to live up to all the hype it has gotten thus far? I played it and wasn’t completely sold on it, but many others loved it. I think it will divide opinion (see what I did there?).

Hitman (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 11 March 2016)

Another that was delayed from 2015, Hitman returns and this time in episodic format. There’s plenty planned for the new game from Square and they have promised lots of free additional content as time goes by. If you are a fan of .47 you will no doubt be looking forward to this one.

Dirt Rally (Xbox One and PS4 – 5 April 2016)

Already released to a positive reception on PC, the guys from Codies return to their rally roots and bring us a brand new Rally focused game. Again, I am not sure how it will compare to their old games but I am looking forward to taking this one on.

Dark Souls 3 (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – April 12 2016)

For all you weirdos that love insanely difficult games, *looks at Glen* you are no doubt counting down the days until the releases. Does it really need more explanation?

Battleborn (PC, Xbox One and PS4 – 3 May 2016)

The guys that brought us Boredomlands (couldn’t resist) are now bringing out Battleborn. It has a similar feel to it, is also a FPS with Moba elements and will have that humour we have come to align with the Borderlands games. I know many are excited for it.


And that’s it for part one of multiplatform section. 16 games so far, and another 16 tomorrow. Let me know what you think of the list so far and be sure to check again tomorrow for the rest.

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