Solo campaign confirmed for For Honor

For Honor

One of the games that really stood out for me at E3 last year was For Honor. We’ve seen plenty of medieval settings in games in the past but for the most part, they are set in fantasy worlds inhabited by wizards, dragons, and fair maidens in need of rescuing, but very few have explored what it would have actually been like to serve as a knight in a realistic environment. For Honor aims to change that by giving us the opportunity to play as a knight, samurai, or Viking, and it will feature sword-fighting as it really happened back in the day.

As someone who has always favoured single-player games, I was a bit worried that For Honor would be targeted almost exclusively at the multiplayer market, with bots filling in for humans in the solo modes. As it turns out, however, this will not be the case as Ubisoft has now officially confirmed that there will be a single-player campaign available when the game launches. In a recent Producer Highlights video, producer Stephane Cardin stated:

One of the big questions we receive in feedback is about the solo campaign. We said that we will have a solo campaign, and I can promise you that we will have a solo campaign. It’s one of the key subjects we are working on, on the floor. I can’t wait to show stuff to you guys, and we’ll do it as early as possible, like we did with the multiplayer.

From what we’ve seen so far, For Honor is shaping up to be a fantastic new IP from Ubisoft, and a *cough* far cry from the stuff that we are used to seeing coming from the studio. It’s a bold move, especially because I think that the main focus will still be on the multiplayer aspect which is definitely quite new for Ubisoft, but I’m pretty excited to see what they can do with a realistic medieval setting in a brand new IP rather than recycling the same content year after year.

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