Diablo 3 gets a very big patch


You can’t help but be impressed by the support Blizzard gives to its games. Diablo 3 came out almost 5 years ago and its just received a massive update that includes a brand new location and tons of other great things. This is good news for fans and it seems the support will not end anytime soon as Blizzard was still releasing updates for Diablo 2 10 years after the game came out.

So, with that said it’s time to get down to the details of the patch that is live now for both PC and console players. The patch is so big that Blizzard made a video going over some of the big new changes that you can find below. Highlights include new armour, new loot, new magic abilities and plenty more so check it out below. I for one think it might be time for a second playthrough.



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