Michael Pachter predicts $400 PlayStation VR price point


Michael Pachter has made some outrageous predictions in the past for hardware launches and, though some fell flat, most of his predictions generally end up being right on the money. He predicted that Nintendo’s Wii U would fail miserably  ahead of launch and he also said that Microsoft would eventually remove Kinect to match the price of the PS4, even before the Xbox One launched, and it’s pretty much what happened. Now he’s saying that the PlayStation VR will cost $400.

Here’s what he said:

[quote]I think Morpheus (PlayStation VR) is highly likely to be 400 bucks. It’s gonna be hard… — if you actually look at the headset, there’s a lot there. So, I think it’s gonna be hard to price it below 300; It’s possible… if they believe they’re gonna make enough of them.

A lot of people don’t have a really high-end PC laying around, so I think the PlayStation 4 crowd has a huge advantage. Sony’s got an install base, as of November, of thirty million of them. So, I can see Sony planning to sell ten million Morpheus units. I doubt that they will sell those in the first year, because there probably won’t be a lot of content, but I can see them planning to sell 10 million over time.[/quote]

If it comes through at $400 it converts to R6640,88 (at the time of writing), which excludes all the various costs and import duties for South Africa, it means you’re now looking at roughly about R7500 once you add on all the extra local costs.

How does that sit with you? Would you pay R7500 for VR, or do you think this is a Friday joke?

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