February’s free PS+ games include Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy

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The month of Valentine’s Day, and more importantly the month of the Deadpool movie, is almost upon us and although there are plenty of awesome AAA titles scheduled for release this year, Sony is off to a bit of a slow start in terms of PS+ offerings. February won’t be much better than January by the looks of things, (although I must admit that I really enjoyed playing Grim Fandango this month) because there are no games on this list that have managed to grab my attention. Included on the list for the PS4 are Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back and Nom Nom Galaxy for the PS4, neither of which are enough to really blow my socks off, and although there are 3 Vita-compatible titles as opposed to the regular 2, they also seem to have a bit of a “meh” factor. Check out the full list below:

Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

Nom Nom Galaxy (PS4)

GRID Autosport (PS3)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3)

Lemmings Touch (PS Vita)

Nova-111 (PS Vita)

I’ll probably add them all to my library as I do every month but in all likelihood, they’ll probably just sit there with the many other titles that I’ll never get around to actually playing. I’ve heard good things about Helldivers but it doesn’t really appeal to me. With that said, perhaps I’ll give it a shot on one of those rainy days when I look at my vast collection of games and utter the familiar phrase, “I have nothing to play.”

Is there anything on this list that blows your hair back, or are you as disappointed as I am with this month’s offerings?



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