Beyond Good and Evil 2 still in limbo it seems


Beyond Good and Evil 2 is now up there with the next Half Life and Mother games of the world. Everyone wants it, and there are rumours here and there that something could be in development, but it seems to be stuck in limbo. No one REALLY knows where it’s at, but according to its creator Michael Ancel (who also brought you the amazing Rayman games, as well as the upcoming Wild) it’s still there, if only just.

[quote]That’s the problem, [we have] no choice, [Beyond Good & Evil 2] has to be great. When we started [Beyond Good and Evil] there was not that much pressure. People are – the crazy thing is that [Beyond Good & Evil] was really not that successful and nobody talked about the game…and now, year after year, more and more people are talking about [Beyond Good and Evil 2]

I think it’s that the time and the energy we spent on Beyond Good and Evil is still there. There’s still something about it. When I look at it I see all the work, the AI trying to follow you, the cinematics, the mix of sound, music and colours. It’s all still there.[/quote]

You can see him talking about it here on Double Fine’s latest ‘Dev’s Play’ episode.

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