Nintendo sold close to 10 million amiibo in the last 3 months


Nintendo recently provided feedback for their latest earning report and things did not look all that good. The Wii U is still an issue in their lives as it’s costing the company lots of money and some serious losses. There is however one silver lining for Nintendo – amiibos are still selling by the truckloads and it’s not about to end there.

In the last 3 months Nintendo reported that 9.9 million amiibos have been sold. The quarter before that saw 6.4 million amiibos being sold, which means it’s grown by quite a respectable margin. In Japan the Splatoon amiibos (all three) takes top spot, in the US it’s Link and in Europe it’s Mario. Keep in mind that we have several more amiibos arriving in the coming months and this is a recipe for success. Here’s a breakdown per region:

1. Girl (Splatoon) 2. Squid 3. Boy (Splatoon) 4. Mario 5. Classic Mario 6. Modern Mario 7. Isabelle 8. Kirby 9. Green Yarn Yoshi 10. Digby

1. Link 2. Bowser 3. Toon Link 4. Mewtwo 5. Sonic 6. Pikachu 7. Classic Mario 8. Pac-Man 9. Mega Man 10. Ganon

1. Classic Mario 2. Link 3. Squid 4. Green Yarn Yoshi 5. Mario 6. Smash Mario 7. Pikachu 8. Boy 9. Toad 10. Girl

Splatoon (the actual game) sold 4 million copies worldwide to date, which is impressive considering the challenges (Wii U installed base), but it’s still nowhere near the sales of the amiibos. Of course amiibos are much cheaper, but make no mistake that Nintendo are making decent profits on each and every amiibo sold.

Below is a list on the best-selling Wii U games to date. As can be seen, amiibos thump it:

Mario Kart 8 – 7.2 million
New Super Mario Bros U – 5.1 million
Nintendo Land – 5 million
Super Mario 3D World – 4.6 million
Super Smash Bros for Wii U – 4.6 million
Splatoon – 4 million
Super Mario Maker – 3.3 million
New Super Luigi U – 2.4 million
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD – 1.7 million
Mario Party 10 – 1.65 million

Nintendo also took some time to confirm that the new ‘My Nintendo’ program will roll out in March to 39 countries. If that includes South Africa remains to be seen.

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