Assassins Creed Identity Gameplay footage with some Q&A’s

Assassins Creed Identity

Two days ago we covered news of the mobile game Assassins Creed Identity that’s scheduled to release at the end of this month. Ubisoft have recently released more videos but this time of actual game-play footage as well as some Q & A’s.

In the first video we get to see exactly how you’ll be able to interact with the world around you which looks, amazingly, like the console and PC versions of previous Assassins Creed titles. Especially when you look at the climbing, jumping and combat mechanics. We also get to see the control options that you’ll be using within the game. The game can be played using touch controls, known as single tap. Then there’s virtual rendered controls on the screen known as dual virtual sticks and it even supports physical game pad controllers, but let’s be honest you’re not going to be walking around with a controller in your pocket now are you? The creative director also touches on the four different classes and their abilities as well as customization of your character and items within the game.

The second video we hear a little about the story of the game more gameplay footage and information on the locations within the game.

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