Serious Sam 4 is still on the cards


The Serious Sam games are fantastic, and if you have never played one you can check out the older versions online. I might even drop a trailer for you guys below to see what it’s all about. The 4th installment was announced in 2013 but since then developers, Croteam, have been very quiet about the project. Some fans started to get worried and rumors of the game being cancelled started circulating.

The good news is that Serious Sam 4 is still on track and Reboot magazine did an interview with the games lead designer Davor Hunski and chief marketing officer Damjan Mravunac who answered questions about the games delay and some of the changes made since the reveal. Check out the full interview below and then you can check out a trailer for Serious Sam 3 if you have never heard of the game before, my only problem with the series is that there is not enough shooting, hopefully they fix that in the 4th game.


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