Is Visage the new P.T.?

visage pt
If you were lucky enough to download a copy of P.T before Kojima and del Toro’s future masterpiece was shut down, then you have a piece of gaming history on your PlayStation’s hard-rive. Unfortunately the game was pulled from the PSN store and since getting a taste of P.T fans have been craving a good horror game.

Well there is good news for you horror fans out there, and it comes in the form of a new game on Kickstarter called Visage. The good news is that they’ve already exceeded their pledge goals of $35,000, so there’s some good news in that it’s definitely going to see the light of day. If you have lost faith in Kickstarter campaigns then maybe the below 12 minutes of gameplay will change your mind. Does the footage look familiar? Let us know what you think of the gameplay below, we think Kojima would be proud.


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