Square Enix invites you to “Play the beginning” in the Hitman Beta launch trailer

Hitman Beta

Although there’s been a few flashbacks in previous Hitman games, very little is actually known about Agent 47’s early work at the ICA. For those of you are are willing to fork out the dough early and pre-order the new game, a treat awaits you in the form of a back-story for everyone’s favourite chrome-domed gun for hire (On a side note, Batman has about 713 cool epithets and Io Interactive can’t come up with a decent one for 47. Come on, guys. Get your act together). The Beta, which starts this week on 12 February for PS4 and 19 February for PC, delves into 47’s origin story and his natural flair for killing, which simultaneously impresses and frightens the higher-ups of the ICA.

The mission showcased in the Beta is the first mission of the game and sounds a bit like an extended tutorial mission, which is set 20 years in the past at the ICA training facility. The trailer shows off some of 47’s trademark killing prowess, as well as his ability to blend into a crowd by changing his clothes, although how nobody notices the very recognisable bar-code tattoo on his immaculately shaved head is still a mystery.

As we’ve already told you, the Beta is exclusively available for PS4 and PC, so Xbox fans will have to wait until the first part of the game releases in March if they hope to get a glimpse of 47’s sordid past.

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