Voice Actor Tuesday: Yuri Lowenthal


Yuri Lowenthal has been giving English voices to anime characters since the late nineties, and he’s voiced some major characters over the years, including Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto, Suzaku Kururugi in Code Geass, and Simon in Gurren Lagann. His name shows up in many other anime and western series, but you might know him as the voice of Ben in Ben 10. In gaming, besides voicing his characters in the Naruto and Ben 10 games, he is also the Toy Box narrator for the Disney Infinity games, one of the player voice options in Xenoblade Chronicles X, the male player in Sunset Overdrive, The Prince in several of the Prince of Persia games (specifically The Sands of Time, The Two Thrones and The Forgotten Sands), Cecil Harvey in Final Fantasy IV, Alucard in some of the Castlevania games, and Luka in the Bayonetta games, to name but a few. He has also voiced Frodo Baggins, Peter Parker and Iceman in various video games. His IMDB page has nearly 500 credits.




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