Here’s 6 minutes of The Walking Dead: Michonne, for your ‘pleasure’

The Walking Dead Michonne

We all know by now about Telltale’s modern point & click type games, filled with difficult decisions and deep, progressive characters and story. We also know how popular The Walking Dead is, and even more so how great Michonne is, whether it be from the TV show or the comics. Her sword wielding is one of the greatest parts of The Walking Dead, and aside from that she is also a powerful character.

It’s no surprise then that Telltale are focusing the latest release from The Walking Dead universe on Michonne herself. The first of three episodes releases later this month and it’s sure to be as great as the previous games, despite the aging engine that Telltale still use. The game should shed some light on Michonne herself, and maybe a few surprises too. In the meantime, Telltale have released the below video showing the opening of the game. So if you want to know what you are getting yourself into, have a watch.

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