The Division Open Beta is Officially Live (On Xbox One)

The Division Beta open

It came as no surprise that following the closed beta, Ubisoft would open it up to everyone who wanted to try out the upcoming third person shooter-come-MMO. It makes sense as they obviously want to test how well their servers can hold up if they are anticipating a huge amount of people playing the game when it releases in just a few weeks.

Destiny did the same and it worked really well for them. Sure there were still some server issues but it wasn’t terrible at all making the beta testing well worth it. The Division Beta, for all those wanting to give it a go, is officially live right now on Xbox One, with it heading to PS4 and PC tomorrow.

If you played the closed beta and didn’t delete the files all you need is to update the existing download (an additional 1GB or so). For those that weren’t in the closed beta, well you will have to download it in full unfortunately. It should be worth it though as the game is getting huge praise so far. Let’s just hope it follows through into the full release.

If you decide to try out the beta make sure to let us know your thoughts.

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