Video: Time to blow more stuff up in Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress DLC


It’s time to return to the world of Just Cause 3 and to blow everything up in sight, again. It’s the only way Rico knows. Anything that stands in your way can be destroyed using any weapon you can find. So where to next? Well, the place Rico feels most comfortable with – up in the sky. It’s just that this time you’ll be battling it out in a Sky Fortress.

It’s got more of a Sci-Fi vibe to it this time round and it’ll introduce a new Bavarium Wingsuit that’s upgradeable, weaponised and rocket-powered. That’s right, a wingsuit that’ll help you create beautiful explosions! This DLC will include new missions, a personal defense drone and a new assault rifle called the Bavarium Splitter. Everything that’s new and shiny can also be used in the main game, which might help with a few uncompleted side missions you might have.

This DLC will be out next month and can be bought separately if you did not already buy the expansion pass.

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