A lack of pre-orders sees a game being delayed on Vita


You might not be aware of a little title that’s in development for the PlayStation Vita, named Uppers. It was set to release on 21 April and now it’s suddenly received the ‘TBA’ release date. So why is this the case? Well, according to the game director, Kenichiro Takaki, it’s been delayed due to a lack of pre-orders. This was his exact words for delaying the game:

[quote]The number one reason is that the number of pre-orders didn’t stretch as far as we thought. We decide the initial number of copies for the marketplace on the number of pre-orders[/quote]

He continued:

[quote]If the demo is fun, I’m happy to receive those words. If you don’t dig it, throw those comments my way. But, I thank you for your interest. Again, I’d truly like to apologize to those who pre-ordered and were looking forward to this game.[/quote]

This game is very niche and it’s something that really affects gamers in Japan, but what if this became a trend with popular publishers and developers? Ultimately you’re now sitting there with a complete game, but it’s not being released as the pre-order numbers are too low. A similar thing happened with Rayman Legends as it was ready for the Wii U, but they worked on ports to ensure good sales on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Not quite the pre-order scenario, but holding a game back from launching because of sale numbers.

How do you feel about this? Do you pre-order your games? Is it something that you believe really dictates game sale numbers? Or are they just being silly?

Here’s a video of the Japanese title that’s been delayed:

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