Was Half-Life 3 leaked in the Vive benchmark test?

Half life 3 confimred
I never gave up believing never! However this latest apparent leak is by no means a confirmation for Half-Life 3 and Left for Dead 3 being in development, but it certainly is strange. With the announcement of the Vive’s $800 price tag, Valve released a useful benchmark tool so that you can see if your PC is up to the task. The tool is naturally built on Valve’s Source Engine and some people think that certain files in the benchmark demo belong to both Half-Life 3 and Left for Dead 3.

This is of course just a rumor at the moment but there is a very interesting video that takes a closer look at the benchmark and how it could be confirming the existence of both Half-life 3 and Left for Dead 3. You can downlaod the Vive benchamrk tool right here to see if your rig is VR ready. As for the Half-Life 3 connections in the video below, do you feel they are strong evidence that the game is in development.

Source: Vg247.com

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