March Releases – What’s coming out (plus predictions!)


At the beginning of February you may have seen my post discussing all the releases that were coming out. I put in my very own score predictions too and if I am honest I thought I did a pretty good job at guessing. Some were a little off but I am pretty happy with my guesswork. Besides that February did have a fair few games releasing, and some impressive ones at that. March has even more games, and more promising games releasing so let’s have a look at what you should be keeping an eye on for the next month.

Broforce (1 March) – The ultimate bro-op game developed right here in South Africa finally comes to consoles and will be free on PlayStation Plus. It’s going to be a lot of bro fun with this one. No need for a prediction, it’s already a solid game on the review scores.

Heavy Rain / Beyond Two Souls Remastered (1 March) – Quantic Dream’s psychological thriller which has you chasing down a serial killer and attempting to save your son re-releases 6 years after its initial release. The game is one my favourite gaming experiences of all time and the remaster will allow many who may have missed it to play it, and those who tried it to play again. It’s mostly a graphical and performance update, but still worthwhile. Predicting it will get the same score as it did previously at about 8.7/10. For me it’s closer to a 9.5/10 kinda game.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition (1 March) – A top-down isometric RPG which released to rather mediocre reviews when it came out on the PS3 a few years back. Not quite sure why they decided to remake this one, but perhaps there is a cult following for it? Anyway, the revival edition comes with some upgrades so maybe it will impress this time around. Predicting it will reach the same levels as before, around the 6/10 mark.

Tron Run/r (1 March) – The last of the games releasing on 1 March is an endless runner taking place in the Tron universe. While it may not be the most complex of games, the bit of footage we have seen does look pretty cool. Predicting it to be a neon lit 7/10.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (4 March) – The Legend of Zelda game that was on the Gamecube and upgraded slightly on the Wii is now upgraded again and makes an appearance on the Wii U. I have to be honest and say it is my worst Zelda game, but I know many who love it. It gets the HD treatment and those who have a Wii U, and never got to play it, will be pretty happy I am sure. Predicting it to get a generous 8.5/10.

The Division (8 March) – There’s been a ton of marketing done on this third-person shooter c0me MMO game set in the Tom Clancy universe. Many have been impressed while playing the beta but some are not that convinced just yet. It’s got a hard act to follow when you look at Destiny, but Ubisoft seem convinced they can pull it off. That Dark Zone does seem pretty cool at the very least. Predicting it to get a slightly bumpy start with 8/10, but a game I can see improving over time.

Hitman: Intro Pack (11 March) – Square’s new episodic formulated Hitman game releases its episode 1 in March and there are high hopes that the new formula takes Hitman back to its glory days. There’s a beta for PS+ members coming too before the game’s release so check it out first if you are unsure. Predicting episodes of a game can be tricky, but I think this one will start off with a 7.5/10.

UFC 2 (15 March) – With a massive roster and a whole bunch of new modes, EA seem to be getting a good handle on the UFC franchise now, since taking it over from THQ a few years back. The core gameplay of the first UFC game was decent but did need a bit of work. Hopefully that’s been improved in the second game. Oh, it has Mike Tyson in it, so there’s that at least. Predicting an 8/10 for this one, hopefully it’s a knockout though.

Mario and Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games (18 March) – I actually had no idea they still made these games, and considering the previous ones I am not sure they should be… alas, this one releases in time for the Olympics later this year and will make a few people happy I guess, maybe? Predicting a 6/10 for this one.

Pokkén Tournament (18 March) – I had serious reservations when I first heard about this, but the idea of Pokémon in a fighting arena ala Tekken actually sounds pretty cool now. I like the bit of gameplay I have seen so far, though I am still a bit concerned it will be a bit lifeless, especially considering the Wii U’s online abilities. Still, it could work really well and the Pokémon fans will snap it up instantly. Predicting a Pikachu/10… okay that was for Kyle, it will actually be a fighting 8/10 I think.

Trackmania Turbo (22 March) – Delayed from last year it seems as though Ubisofts manic racer will finally release in just a few weeks. Dawid loved what he played of it back at E3 and the game reminds me of Rollcage which can only be a good thing. Going to be fun, this one. Predicting aturbo charged 8.5/10 here.

Alienation (23 March) – A PS4 exclusive from the same guys that brought us Stardust and Resogun. It’s a top-down twin stick shooter that reminds me a lot of Helldivers, but actually feels a bit smoother. The Wookiee and I both loved what we played of it at E3 and it’s sure to provide many hours of co-op fun. Predicting a friendly fire 8.5/10 on this one.

Killer Instinct Season 3 (24 March) – I have never been too sure what I think around the Killer Instinct Seasonal release, but more fighters will be coming to the game late in March. It adds a bunch of new fighters including guest appearances from Rash of Battletoads, and Arbiter from Halo. No real changes to gameplay though. Predicting it will be more of the same, but with new faces. Yay?

Hyrule Warriors Legends (25 March) – The relatively well received Wii U game ports its way to the 3DS, while including all the DLC and adding a couple new missions too. It’s also going to have some interaction with the Wii U version should you already own that. Predicting it to be similar to the Wii U scoring at about 7.5/10.

MLB 16: The Show (29 March) – It’s the only Baseball simulation around, and it’s exclusive to the PlayStation devices. Thankfully it’s also pretty damn good with excellent visuals and some super gameplay with tons of content. MLB 15 was great and I have no doubt that 16 will be more of the same. Predicting another 8/10 year for the home run king.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered – There actually isn’t a confirmed day for this one but it is scheduled to release in March. Coming 23 years after its initial release, DOTT is quite easily one of the greatest point and click, if not games to release. Filled with humour and awesome moments you just cannot go wrong with it. Predicting a tentacle filled 8/10 for the remaster.


Well gamers, there you have it. The list for March. Let us know what you are looking forward to most and share some predictions if you’d like. I hope you have been saving up, March is going to be an expensive month.

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