Overwatch release date leaked by… adverts on gaming websites


I have been really lucky to take part in the Overwatch beta (yes, please give me salt about this), and it is a lot of fun. It can also be as frustrating as traffic when your half of your team has decided to be snipers that hang back looking for kills on a map where you need to capture a point. Now we know what day the game is coming out on, finally!

The kicker to all this is that the leak is thanks to adverts going live on various gaming websites, probably before the official announcement was made. Clicking on the advert takes you to the Overwatch pre-purchase page, but the newer release date isn’t there yet. Some PR agency is about to get a tongue-lashing. Oops.

So May 24 we will all be playing Overwatch and hopefully I will be able to kill several of you while you are still learning the maps and characters. Open Beta Early Access will also take place on 3 May. After that, I probably will become cannon fodder for everyone else. Hopefully Blizzard announces something soon.

Source: Hardcoregamer

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