Video: Take your first look at The Surge

The surge
The Surge has been in development for some time now and the best way to describe it would be a Sci-Fi Dark Souls game. Visually the game looks very impressive, so much so that it might be a PC footage but it is expected on the PS4 and Xbox One. Don’t hold your breath on seeing it release anytime soon because it looks like it might only come out in 2017.The footage below is the first look at some pre-aplha gameplay, so it’s still very far away from being finished.

The combat looks fantastic and brutally violent, especially the slow motion finishing moves. The Dark Souls formula is so popular that it’s no surprise to see The Surge replicates its style of gameplay. Check out all the action in the below video, sadly it is not in English but at least you get to see what you can expect from The Surge.


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