Update: Sony has lots of Virtual Reality to talk about at GDC


Update: There has been some changes to the Sony hosted conferences. The first one, which relates to VR, will be held on Wednesday, 16 March, 11AM PST (8PM local time) You can find the whole Sony conference schedule on their official blog.

Original: The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) kicks off today in San Francisco, which sees thousands of professionals from across the industry get together and mingle a bit. The biggest focus of the conference is set to be Virtual Reality, with the developers of VR hardware and software to go all out to impress everyone with the new tech.

We already know a lot about two of the big VR players, with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive release dates just around the corner, at a cost of your left kidney and a mortgage on the house. Sony, however has been very quiet on the PlayStation VR, feeding us just enough information at a time to keep us interested.

That is about to change, or at least that is what Sony is teasing, with the company saying it has a lot of things to talk about at GDC this week. Shawn Layden, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, spoke about VR on a PlayStation Blogcast:

[quote]It’s a perfect storm now for VR technology. It’s a concept that’s been kicking around for quite some time. Some of us remember Virtual Boy way back in the day and a lot of different companies have had a go at virtual reality technology.

I think right now we have a combination of the necessary processing power and graphics power inside the machine,” he added. “We have the display technology which can realize these images at a fidelity which looks natural, if you will. And we have the production technology to create a headset and a rig that is well-suited for the human head that won’t create a tiresome experience. [/quote]

Sony has a Press event scheduled for 15 March at 2 PM PST (that’s 11PM local time) and we can expect a lot of news regarding the PlayStation VR. Hopefully we’ll finally get some info regarding pricing and release date for the device.

Source: Gamespot

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