Opinion: What I want and don’t want from Virtual Reality


With Sony finally lifting the veil on pricing and the release date of the PlayStation VR, we now have a pretty clear idea of what to expect from the three main VR players. Sony’s headset is considerably cheaper than those offered by Oculus and HTC. But they did concede that the Rift and Vive are superior products when it comes to high-end quality, although that is not entirely the point of the PlayStation VR, since their aim is more about affordability and accessibility.

The PlayStation VR comes in at a more wallet friendly price point of $399, and it got me a little bit excited for what the future of VR might hold. I have not had the privilege of trying out any form of VR yet, so I rely on the honest words of those who have had go at it, and also the frankly awesome marketing of the companies who’re trying to convince me to give my hard earned cash over to them for a shiny new toy.

That got me thinking about what I would want and not want from Virtual Reality:

WANT: A reason to be there

There is no point in giving us total immersion in the beautiful worlds that are being presented to us, if the worlds are totally devoid of anything interesting. I’m going to need a reason to be there. While walking among dinosaurs will be epic, it would soon become very boring if that is all there is to do. Give me freedom, give me choice, and give me a story that will leave a lasting impression on me.


DON’T WANT: Just a bunch of Tech Demos

At this stage, it is mostly what we’re getting, which is understandable, but I want some proper games to play. The only title that really looks like a game at this stage is Battlezone, and I really hope there will be more options down the line. Yes, there will be Tekken 7, but that still doesn’t quite fit for me as a VR game. Yes, there is Robinson: The Journey, but I’m not too sure it’s going to be so much a game as an interactive, on-rails movie. EVE: Valkyrie, out on Oculus Rift in two weeks time, looks like it could be an incredible experience, and Adrift looks really terrifying, in a good way! So here’s hoping.

DON’T WANT: To be jumping around like an idiot

Looking at some of the trailers, you see a lot of movement from the people using the headsets. It’s understandable why they might over exaggerate it, but boy do I hope it’s not true. I’m a lazy bastard who likes sitting as still as possible while playing games. So subtle head movements is all that is needed in my opinion. I don’t know how controls is going to work, but if I’m going to have to do physical exercise to play anything, then it will go in the ‘nice try getting me off the couch’ box  along with the Kinect.

WANT: To be able to play it

Nothing will be more devastating to me as a gamer if I’m not able to use a VR Headset due to motion sickness. I’m not at all prone to motion sickness, but I still have that fear that I might be missing out on something great, while all the cool kids at school get to talk about their awesome experiences in other worlds. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has those fears. I know that the manufacturers have said that precautions are being made to prevent such problems, but I can’t help having that niggling feeling in the back of my mind. No, I think it will all be fine and we can all expect to have a jolly good time in wonderful VR worlds!

WANT: A Sword Art Online Situation

Because who wouldn’t want to be trapped in a virtual death trap until somebody beats an ‘impossible to beat’ game.

What do and don’t you want from your VR experience?

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