The Burning Question: Are we unreasonable towards certain publishers?


There’s an old saying that goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This certainly rings true for me, since I’m a trusting idiot that would like to see the good in everything and everyone, and that is especially true with video games, and the companies that produce them. But sometimes, that trust gets broken.

One such company for me personally, is Ubisoft. In fact, it’s probably the only video game producer that fell out of my favour. The reason for this is mostly the recent series of incredibly boring games that are essentially the same. All the Ubisoft games released in the last couple of years have been soulless, and it frustrates me to no end, since I used to be such a huge fan of their work. Assassin’s Creed Unity might have received a lot of flak for all the bugs at launch, but I only played it much later, after all the patches, and I found it to be incredibly disappointing. Not as disappointing as Watch_Dogs, mind you, but still disappointing nonetheless. And while it was a tad better, Far Cry 4 falls in the same category. All these games have the same problem of being utterly boring, with lacklustre stories, with uninteresting protagonists, and with tedious gameplay. I feel like I just cannot trust them to produce a game I will find fresh and entertaining. Makes me wonder if we really want them to make Beyond Good and Evil 2?


That brings me to my question. Recently it seems that Ubisoft is changing their ways, and announcements that the next Assassin’s Creed will only release in 2017, does seem promising. Tom Clancy’s The Division was released a few weeks ago, and it is a massive success, with so many people playing it, and liking it. I haven’t really heard anybody say something truly bad about it, and that’s great, and I want to join them in the streets of New York. But Alas! I just can’t bring myself so far to do it. I’m just not sure that I trust Ubisoft enough to give me a fun and entertaining experience. But is that really fair to what looks to be a really good game?


I am beyond the “shame on me” stage of my relationship with Ubisoft, and I’m not sure that I can trust them not to fool me again after I hand over some money. I’m even a bit apprehensive about Trackmania Turbo that’s releasing this week, and that is something totally different to what they usually make and it looks absolutely fantastic! But am I wrong in not wanting to trust them again? Am I just being a huge idiot and possibly denying myself an incredible experience because of my trust issues. Am I being unreasonable? Like I said, it seems like Ubisoft is turning a new leaf, and The Division does look really, really good!

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like this towards certain publishers or even developers, especially toward Electronic Arts, even though I have nothing really against them, and I don’t know why people hate them so much that they won the prestigious award of most evil company in America two years in a row. Or are there people who, after the shenanigans last year with Kojima, now refuse to buy another game produced by Konami?


So the burning question: Are we being unreasonable toward certain publishers, or am I alone in my thinking, and just being full of crap?

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