Mass Effect Andromeda and a new BioWare IP looks stunning


That is according to BioWare’s Head of Design and Art, Alistair McNally, saying on Twitter that he had the opportunity to play both Mass Effect Andromeda and a new, unrevealed IP of the company:

The new IP was announced in September 2012, but very little has been revealed regarding it, and what it will be about. It is also unclear when we’ll find out any more regarding this new game that BioWare is hinting at.

Mass Effect Andromeda, as its title would suggest, is set in the Andromeda Galaxy. We don’t know much else about the game, other than it featuring a whole new cast of characters. Hopefully that will change soon with more information coming in the near future. It is scheduled for release in 2017, although it was originally slated for 2016. Maybe that’s a good thing, since this year is already shaping up to be jam packed with epic looking games.

Source: Gamespot

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