The Walking Dead: Michonne Ep. 2 trailer is full of action


Action isn’t really a word I would associate with the Telltale games too often. Given their engine and formula for games the action is usually somewhere hiding in the background while you make decisions around it. On the basis of the new footage for TWD: Michonne Episode 2 it seems as though there will be a slightly faster pace and a bit of all out action to get through.

Sure, there will most likely be the slow bits in-between and the “tough decisions” that usually come with the Telltale territory, but based on the trailer below there will be lots of blade wielding too.

Michonne Episode 1 wasn’t all that well received unfortunately but there is hope that Episode 2 will be a lot better, and those who are die hard Telltale fans will obviously enjoy it regardless. In any case, it’s only 3 episodes and with The Walking Dead Season 3 being announced you might want to keep up with the spinoffs too, just in case.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 releases later this week, check out the trailer below in the meantime:

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