Slam ‘Dunk House’ the Rocket League DLC next month, for free


Last month we reported that the Rocket League developers were working on a new mode for players involving another sport – Basketball. All we knew at the time was that it would involve the sport in some form and that it would feature as new DLC. After another person on Twitter asked a question about the new mode the developers dropped some important information.

You won’t be waiting too long as the new DLC will be launching some time in April. When exactly that’ll be is still unknown, but you can expect to play it within the next month or so. There is however even better news. The DLC, according to the Tweet that was replied, will be absolutely free to owners of the game.

Here are the two Tweets confirming the above, as well as a little Gif of what’s to come:

Soon we’ll all be slam dunking in this new mode named Dunk House, and we don’t even have to pay for it. Yes, we think we can live with that.

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