Outlast 2 gets a creepy teaser trailer

outlast 2

One of the spookiest games from 2013 just has to be Outlast. Actually, I think I’m the only member of the team to have finished it. Anyway, a teaser trailer for the sequel has just dropped and it’s just as creepy. There’s no a speck of gameplay or any video, just a creepy old man speaking jibberish… until you reverse the clip.

The original video, posted by Outlast 2 Developers, Red Barrels, has a upside down cross, dark clouds, music that sounds like it comes from a little ballerina musical box and a man speaking backwards. People on the internet discovered this and uploaded a new video with the sound reversed. With the edited video, we can hear that another announcement will be made on 22 April 2016. It also seems like Outlast 2 is going to focus heavily on religion, but that’s my personal take on it.

Original teaser:

Reversed teaser:

Source: Shacknews

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