Video: 21 minutes of new No Man’s Sky gameplay

No Mans sky

IGN uploaded a 21-minute game play video yesterday showing off more exploration from No Man’s Sky. This game is definitely going to take ‘open world’ to a whole new universe and from what I’ve seen from the video it seems that this “Minecraft” is going to keep gamers busy for years to come.

16 minutes into the video we already see the player escaping into an underground cave network by creating an opening into the cave network by blasting an entrance that did not exist. We also get to see combat on the planets ground as well as in space. What shocks me the most is that there are no mini-maps or loading times! Definitely a sandbox title of immense variety from weapons, spaceships and various crafting items but still I’m not sure if this will be everyone’s cup of tea with still no actual story showcased within the game. In the last two minutes we see the immense size of the game. IGN will have Sean Murray, the programmer of the game, over the next month showing off much more of No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is set to launch on the 22nd of June 2016.

Check out the IGN first video below:

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